5 Best Kept Secrets of Raipur!

A magnificent stay at the brand new luxury holiday destination: MAYFAIR Lake Resort, can be made doubly special by exploring what the beautiful city of Raipur has to offer to its visitors. Here are 5 Best Kept Secrets for visitors to explore in the city:

1. The Udanti Sanctuary: The Udanti Sanctuary in all its quietude and serenity is an engrossing destination for kids and adults alike in Raipur with lots of animals to be seen in their natural habitat.

2. Ghatrani Falls: A scenic short drive away from Raipur, these beautiful waterfalls are surrounded by thick forests. It takes a short trek to reach Ghatrani Falls and it is well known as a really lovely picnic spot.

Ghatrani Falls

3. Naya Raipur Central Park: With lots of lush greenery and waterbodies and well-manicured gardens, the Naya Raipur Central Park is an amazing place to hang out in.

4. Vivekanand Sarovar: With a relaxing ambience, Vivekananda Sarovar is a nice relaxing place to visit in Raipur with a lake, garden area and an elegant statue of Swami Vivekananda.

5. Maharajabandh Lake: Maharajabandh Lake in Raipur is popular with visitors for the lovely scenery and makes for a serene place to have a nice time with friends or family or to enjoy a glorious sunset!