Accommodate in Luxury Goa Resort to Explore the Sea Beaches and Greenery

The picturesque land of sand, sea and sun, the beautiful state of Goa in Western part of India is an ideal gateway to enjoy beach holidays, romantic holidays and family tour as well. People, especially beach tour enthusiast from across the world (who want to enjoy the sun-soaked beaches) come here to spend their holidays by exploring pristine beaches, scenic views, warm weather and lot of fun and activities.

Goa visit means reclining on palm-fringed beaches with a glass of fenny or beer bottle in hand. Not forget to mention the undeniable charm of Portuguese-inspired buildings, delicious sea food, thrilling water sports, buzzing nightlife and flea markets. You cannot ignore them during your tour to Goa. Come here to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body by discovering the diversity and soaking in the leisurely atmosphere. Divided into two parts North Goa and South Goa, both parts have a charisma of their own that lure tourists and persuade them to spend some more days.

Spending a day or two in northern part and same days in Southern part of Goa will be the better way of exploring the vibrant state. Fortunately, selected hotels and Goa resorts are making your accommodation full of comfort and luxury by providing world-class accommodation and state of the art services.

MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort at Betul, Salcete in Southern Part, is an ideal Goa Resort to accommodate and enjoy your holidays in the beach destination. You have to simply book the room or get an attractive tour package and rest will be done by the luxury resort.