Amazing Places in Sikkim to Visit in Monsoon

Sikkim is one of the heavy rainfall receiving states during Monsoon in India. As mountains dominate the landscape of Sikkim, the sight of rain on the mountains affords a breathtaking view for the tourist. Monsoon has its own mystic charm which gets amplified on a mountain dominant landscape. There are many places in Sikkim, where a tourist can visit during monsoon that could etch delightful memories in his mind.

Enchey Monastery, located at East Sikkim, is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. It is located at a very high altitude. Patterned on Chinese Pagoda style architecture, it is a place of immense spiritual significance for Buddhists. This place is very tranquil and tourists seeking a break from the madding crowds can find it very attractive. Rainy season is no deterrent for visiting the site and tourists can have a wonderful view of the rains on the mountains while staying anywhere near the monastery.

Another famous monastery in Sikkim is Pemayangtse monastery which is famous for its beautiful architecture and art works. Located at the end of a ridge with a grand view of the entire Parekh Chu watershed including the Kanchenjunga massif, the monastery of Pemayangtse is 18 KM from Gangtok. The views and the surrounding woods create an atmosphere of meditative solitude. The monastery features intricate wood works and lattice windows which is a treat for art loving tourist. Visitors can have a magnificent view of rains on the mountains and or surrounding forests if they happen to be there during a monsoon trip.

Khecheopalri Lake is one big lake that lies surrounded by greeneries. It is considered one of the sacred lakes in Sikkim. Small lepcha villages are located along the shrine where the visitors can stay during their trip. Forest covered mountains girdle the lake. Tourists who want to enjoy their trip to the place can also walk along the walking trail from Pelling to Khecheopalri. This place can be visited in any season. But a monsoon trip adds an extra charm to the tour. The Khecheopalri monastery is 1.5 km above the lake and the tourists can trek to visit the place if they want.

Rabdentse palace ruins which is a short way down from the Pemayangtse Monastery. It was the palace of Tensung Namgyal , king of Sikkim in the 17th century. The palace was deserted by the king due to frequent external attacks and went into ruins. The site was excavated and restored by ASI and now is a popular tourist attraction. This place can be visited during monsoons as it would add a romantic charm to the tour.

Darap-Village life in West Sikkim

Darap Village, is about 6 km from Pelling on the way to Yuksam, it is inhabited mainly by people from Limboo Community and a small number of families from mixed communities like Bhutias, Chettris, Tamangs, Rais, Gurungs and Lepchas. The landscape of the area is moderately sloppy and a gentle valley unlike other locations in west. The visitor can stay in the village and enjoy the rural ambience and local culture. The place acquires an added charm during monsoon for its beautiful location as one can enjoy the beauty of the rains and mountains ensconced in the small cottages in the village.

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