An Enchanting Engagement by the Sea

Mayfair Heritage and Mayfair Waves were the stunning venues for the enchanting engagement between Sradha and Abhineet captured so well in this video. Both these alluring properties are located right next to each other in the popular and pretty beachside town of Puri. A lovely and warm traditional welcome is given to our guests from our side as soon as they arrive.

The aesthetic beauty of both Mayfair Heritage and Mayfair Waves are evident in every nook and corner of the properties whether it is the manicured and lush lawns, the elegant décor, the wonderful views of the Bay of Bengal and the elaborate sculptures which are placed all around. There are many areas that guests can choose from where to have various events of the engagement and several of these very same areas make for beautiful sites where to have photo or video shots with the backdrop of the ocean or the pool.

The food is another reason why Mayfair Waves and Mayfair Heritage are top choices because they both serve consistently delectable dishes made with fresh produce across a ranges of various cuisines. Fun pool parties can be organized with some rollicking music to accompany as the guests revel in a hearty good time. For the more formal ceremony itself guests can always choose from spacious indoor banquet halls or even alfresco options with the options for decorating being limitless. So if you are planning for a beautiful beachside wedding engagement, Mayfair Waves and Mayfair Heritage in Puri are both outstanding choices.