Cake Mixing Ceremony at MAYFAIR Lagoon

With the festive season upon us, MAYFAIR Lagoon celebrated in style with a traditional annual ritual: the cake mixing ceremony. Both guests and our very own Team MAYFAIR all came together with much enthusiasm and glee to participate in the cake mixing ceremony. Every year around this time when the Christmas Season and the New Years is not too far off, MAYFAIR welcomes this most joyous of seasons with a wonderful cake mixing ceremony which is also an occasion to spend some memorable moments amongst guests and staff alike.

The process begins with a mixing of chopped up pieces of delicious dried fruits, nuts and spices along with a selection of premium liquors. The entire mixture is then stored for around 30 days allowing the flavours to permeate through each other and the mixture is then used to make Christmas cakes and puddings. The traditional ceremony itself begins with chefs hats, aprons and gloves being handed out to the participants following which the fruits are ceremoniously put into steel basins lined with select ingredients. A lot of festive camaraderie is enjoyed during this entire s=ceremony amongst the participants and these are moments to cherish a harbinger of all good things to come. The Cake-Mixing ceremony was held recently at MAYFAIR Lagoon was during a lovely afternoon, made even nicer with some wonderful company and delicious dishes and wine.