Chilika Lake – Asia’s Largest Brackish Water Lagoon

Often mentioned in famous literary works for its graceful splendor, Chilika lagoon is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for the visitors. Not only from India, but from across the globe, Chilika attracts tourists in droves. The vast expanse of Chilika evokes awe and fills mind of the tourists with wonder. The seemingly unending blue waters of the lagoon embracing the distant horizons casts a hypnotic spell on the visitors.

Kalijai Temple Chilika
Lake Chilika is an integral part of the culture of Odisha. The story of Kalijai is part of the folklore and the eponymous temple on one of the beautiful islands is a major tourist’s attraction.

Chilika is one of the important wetland ecosystems in the world where many rare species of flora and fauna are found. The lake is said to be containing nearly 225 varieties of fishes and a wide variety of aquatic plants. It is the largest wintering ground of migratory birds who traverse thousands of miles every year to alight on the lake and the islands. The lake dons a vibrant and colorful look with the multi-hued birds painting the waterscape with their buzzing activities. A visit to Chilika in winter not only provides a beautiful vista to behold, but also an opportunity to cage the sight in camera rolls. The lagoon, the islands and the nearby verdant zones are a photographer’s delight.

Fishing at Sea Mouth, Chilika Lake
Chilika Lake has become the habitat of a thriving fishing community since centuries. The lake provides livelihood to thousands of fishermen’s family who live on the islands and on the nearby areas. The fishermen’s community has evolved a distinct culture and lifestyle which is another subject of interest for the tourists.

Boating on Chilika and fancy fishing are favorite engagements for tourists who visit Chilika. Surfing in the lake on boats and Motor launches provides vivid views of the lagoon. The islands also serve as excellent vantage points to behold the beauty of the lake.

Sunset-at-Chilika Lake
The sight of sunrise and sunset from the islands and the vast amber shades on the water is marvelous and breathtaking.

Parikud, Sanakuda, Nalabana, Badakuda, Tampara, Berahpura, Kanthapnatha, Phulabari, Nuapara and Honeymoon islands are some of the major islands in Chilika apart from the Klaijai Hill. For tourists who seek tranquil getaways amidst water and greeneries the islands of Chilika are ideal locations. The Nalabana island is ideal for the avian enthusiasts and the Honeymoon Island –as the name suggest is a beautiful spot for romantic escapes.

Nearly 95 km away from Bhubaneswar, a trip could be planned depending on the duration of time the visitor wants to spend at Chilika.

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