Event in Puri – Book Venue in MAYFAIR Heritage

Being one of the four most sacred places in India, Puri is the holy city known for its historic relics, religious sanctuaries, panorama beauty, architectural magnificence and moderate climate. Not forget to mention the spiritual significance, is one of the four most sacred places in India. The coastal town of Odisha (Orissa) with a rich historic heritage dating back to 3rd century B.C. lures a considerable number of pilgrimage tourists and beach tour enthusiasts from all parts of the country and wide-reaching.

Sri Jagannath Temple, the most sacred temples in India, is the prime attraction here. The beautiful holy town is also known as earthly abode of Sri Jagannath Prabhu or the Lord of the Universe. There is no denying the fact that the sacred town represents the spirituality, divinity and tranquility.

Every year, a heavy influx of tourists can be seen in the holy town. Business travelers also prefer to organize some grand events in Puri. Moreover, tie-the-knot in Puri is also a dream and wish of a considerable number of couples.

If you are also one of them planning to organize a grand event in Puri, then you will find some of the world-class venues. MAYFAIR Heritage Puri is also one of the luxurious hotels in Puri known for offering world-class venues for grand events.

In addition, a newly opened 5-star hotel named Mayfair Heritage is also an ideal place to organize events in Puri. Choice is yours; you have to choose the venue in any of the selected hotel and rest of the work will be done by hotel staff.