Excellent Asian Fare in Bhubaneswar

Lemon Grass” at MAYFAIR Lagoon has long been known to have consistently been serving some of the best Asian food in Bhubaneswar. Ever since its inception when it burst forth into the culinary scene of Bhubaneswar, “Lemon Grass” only seems to get better and better by the day with a continually evolving menu being balanced finely by sticking to some old classics.

Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass, MAYFAIR Lagoon

The restaurant itself is a beauty with soft lighting and an extremely welcoming decor. The ambiance immediately draws the guests in and the service is exceptional and warm in every way without being overbearing. The highlight of “Lemon Grass” however is definitely the food which is absolutely fantastic.

Some of the bestsellers and classics on the menu include the succulent Bali Prawns, the spectacular crab dishes as well as the Chilly Chicken. The menu is constructed in such a way that there is something to please everyone’s palate including seafood, meat and vegetarian specialities. “Lemon Grass” is every bit worth several visits as each visit only makes you want to come back for more.