History Behind Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Gopalpur-on-sea

Gopalpur, named after the temple of Krishna Gopal was a small fishing village before it came into limelight. During colonial times- the Britishers established a port that served to transport good via sea to foreign countries. It was a thriving port during the time of Britishers when trade was carried out with other countries through the port. It is also believed that it was a flourishing trading centre much before- during the time of ancient Kalinga.

Mayfair Palm Beach Resort
Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Gopalpur-on-sea the heritage property of the group has a glorious historical antecedence. Drawn by its rustic splendors, an Italian named Signor Maglioni established the hotel named ‘Palm Beach” in 1914. It has the distinction of being the first beach resort in the country. The Hotel drew people from all around for its distinct Mediterranean design and architecture. In course of time, it fell into ruins and was taken over by Shri Rai Bahadur Oberoi, one of the legends of the hospitality industry in the country. The property continued to attract tourists for its tranquil sea beaches and serene surroundings. Far away from the madding crowd of other beach resorts, it became the favorite destination of tourist who searched for calm gate-away amidst a lush green environment. The resort enjoyed patronage of all rich and famous people of its time including many chief ministers and Prime ministers.

Later in 2011, it was taken over by Mayfair Groups and since then it has been known as Mayfair Palm Beach Resort. Following on the hallowed footprints of its predecessors, Mayfair Palm Beach Resort has continued to excel in the in the hospitality industry. The property brought from Oberoi has been renovated and redesigned to match the contemporary style and meet the needs of the savvy tourist who seek a regal experience from their stay with the property. Mayfair has positioned the property as a destination of a niche group of tourist who seek peace and luxury in a quiet environment.