Lake getaways have their own special flavors and pleasures.

Lake getaways have their own special flavors and pleasures. Acres of lawns, water activities, good food, pleasant accommodations, and diverse children’s programs outline The Resplendent Mayfair Lake Resort.
A lake destination resort to please children of various ages and families with differing budgets—but no matter which one you choose, all offer cooling breezes, beautiful surroundings, and the simple fun of making lifetime memories of cannonballs and summer splashes.

Raipur is neclaced with the Chitrakoot Falls
a.k.a; NIAGRA FALLS OF India. Famous for its Kosa Silk & The Bhomradeo Temples with Erotic Carvings much similar to The Khahuraho Sculptures.

Apart from the major mining industries

Raipur possess a unique tribal art known as Bastar named from the region within the state. This art is diversified into woodwork, bamboo art, soil art and metal arts…….

Nestled in the lap of The Jhangh Lake Mayfair Lake Resort encircled with a man made canal and decorated with world class cottages and an Aristocratic Villa served with tailor made experiences, for the traveller or an event destination in itself.

With acreage the resort pleasures the adrenaline with boating and water sport activities and plenty of space kids to amuse their curiosity from end to end. Offering A Spa of never ending relaxation and rejuvenation through detailed therapy in an environment that encourages rest and decompression.

Room categories for all budgets spread through, The Villa, The Suite, The Cottages and finally the cozy club rooms cater to the accommodation needs of the modern day traveller.

Dining experiences ranging from Italian favourites, the rustic Nakli dhaba, the multi cuisine restaurant or the secluded Bar to take you higher.

Be it jungle themed play zones, swimming pools, library, lawns or just a walk through the intertwined pathways through a rich diversity of natured offerings.

A Private Acquaintance with a memory sure to be imprinted long after your departure and till we see you again to refresh the Nostalgic Fondness for all that is Mayfair…