Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, a paradise among hotels in sea

The state of Odisha has been a major draw for tourists local and foriegn, however apart from the famed destinations of the state, there is one that is one that is rising on the tourist map. This destination is Gopalpur. Once a rustic country side location with virgin beaches and tranquil atmosphere that was hiiden from the eyes of the world, today is a highly sought after destination by tourists. This unscathed destination devoid of urban structures is one of the most beautiful places you can come across in the state of Odisha.


When you are here amongst beauty that mother nature flaunts in terms of silver sanded beaches fringed with palm and coconut blue waters kissing the shores and an atmosphere of tranquility, you need a great place to make your stay. We have the best luxury stay wherein you can enjoy the spoils of nature as well as manmade conviniences to make your stay a comfortable one here at Mayfair Palm resorts.


The mayfair palm beach resort is one of the finest hotels in sea all over India and also is a hotel with a history. With contemporary style and latest state of the art amenities, this hotel brings to you a wide array of luxury accommodations that assures you fine comfort that is no less than royal. Orginally a property of the Oberoi hotels built on the foundation of erstwhile hotel named “Theatre Royal”, whcih closed down due to sea on sea erosions and other enviromental facrors like moisture laden salty winds creating fissures in the sea facing side of the hotel, Mayfair took it under its wing and renovated it. Today it stands as one of the best Hotels in Sea and is the most luxurious stay in Gopalpur.