Mayfair – The Best Luxury Wedding Destination in Bhubaneswar

Weddings are no more a mandatory social compulsion arranged in a pre-determined cultural format. The customary procedures and schedules and its execution in a rather standardized way is no more current in the present scenario. There is more glitter and glam, more fun and more exuberance in the weddings organized now a days. Weddings are planned to be remembered as special events which has to be etched in the golden frames of memory.

Having grasped the trend of glitzy wedding being organized at exotic locations, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts, known to provide luxurious experiences to its guests in its properties has leveraged its existing set up to arrange gala weddings for people who prefer to make their weddings a regal spectacle.

Mayfair has spacious halls, beautiful lawns, lovely arcades and vast open grounds where wedding of any scale could be arranged. Its luxurious decors and verdant ambience provide a beautiful backdrop for lavish weddings.

The venue is customized and decorated as per the wish of the guests. It has also experts who suggest themes and designs to deck up the venue as per any special preference of the guests.

Once you select Mayfair as your wedding venue, your worries get over. All aspects of the wedding whether it is decoration, decking up the mandap, dining arrangements or audio visual system, everything is taken care of by its experts.

All attention is paid to the aesthetics to create an uplifting ambience for the guests. As with foods, experts chefs of Mayfair who excel in preparing a wide range of gourmets can cater to specific needs of the guests.

Dedicated personnel are deployed to manage and organize wedding to ensure its completion without any glitches.

Mayfair Lagoon in Bhubaneswar, the flagship property of the group has been the favorite destination in the city for high end weddings. With many high profile weddings taking place in the recent times, Mayfair Hotel has drawn wide attention as a wedding destination. If one needs to dovetail elegance luxury and aesthetics to the momentous occasion of a wedding, Mayfair Lagoon is the right place in the city.