Mayfair the Best Place To Rejuvenate At When On a Tour to the Steel Plant in Rourkela

The Rourkela Steel plant is the first integrated steel plant of India that was built in the public sector. The steel plant was set up with a German collaboration during the early years of 1960. The steel plant has one of the biggest outputs among steel plants in India. When first installed the plant was set up to produce 1 million tons of steel however a bit later it was boosted to produce over two million tons of steel. The steel plant in Rourkela has had made many breakthroughs and achievements in the past however the greatest breakthrough of the plant came when it adopted the energy efficient LD process of steel manufacture which uses a continuous casting route which is not only beneficial in cost cutting but in achieving a higher quality.


The plant was the first one to adopt this method hence added a feather to its cap by doing so. The plant is also well known for adopting the external desulphurization of hot metal by calcium carbide injection process. This plant is the only one that can produce silicon steel for the power sector, tin plates for packaging industries and high quality pipes for the oil and gas sector. The plant was brought up to speed in the mid 1900’s and has highly upped its efficiency since then.


The Steel Plant in Rourkela is one of major factors for the growth of industrial sector here. With the growth of business and industries the inflow of people visiting the city for meetings, projects and surveys have also increased. To provide luxury stays for these businessmen and other pleasure seeking tourists the Mayfair Rourkela was set up by the Mayfair hotels and resorts ltd. If it is a luxury stay filled with the state of the art conveniences and comforts that you are looking for then Mayfair is the place to be.