Shri Dilip Ray – The Dynamic Visionary

Shri Dilip Ray
In journey that encompasses decades and involves a generous abundance of diligence, determination and hard work – Shri Dilip Ray, the passionate and humble owner and CMD of MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts has very carefully and efficaciously nurtured his creation and taken it to new heights. Under his keen and discerning eye, MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts has steadily grown and blossomed into an impressively exceptional boutique and luxury hotel chain which comprises of 9 existing properties spread out across Odisha, West Bengal, Goa and Sikkim. There are also 4 upcoming properties in Kalimpong, Raipur, Kolkata and Siliguri.

Right from a humble beginning way back in 1982 when MAYFAIR Rourkela was first set up, Shri Dilip Ray has always used a meticulously hands-on approach in running his hotels which has made each of them a world class luxury property with a unique MAYFAIR signature touch. His attention to detail in every aspect of running his hotels is legendary. He can often be seen in the wee hours of the morning at any one of his hotels, interacting with his gardeners and his housekeeping staff, ensuring that everything is in its right place.

Shri Dilip Ray has also always had an instinctive aptitude for choosing the right properties to develop in just the right place. His intuition in this regard and his possession of an incredibly perceptive hotelier’s insight has served MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts well in being able to procure properties in amazing locations and have them developed in just about the perfect manner. With the dynamic and visionary Shri Dilip Ray ably at the helm of affairs, MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts is seeing an impressively fruitful growth with big things in store in its future.