Tea Pot: Dining in Style

Tea Pot, the all day 24 hours open multi-cuisine restaurant at the stunning MAYFAIR Lagoon is slowly and surely growing into an institution of sorts in the temple city of Bhubaneswar. Discerning diners from Bhubaneswar as well as in-house hotel guests throng here in numbers whether it is to celebrate a special occasion, go out for a holiday feast or just visit to have a decent meal in lovely surroundings. Being consistent in terms of both the quality of the food that is served here as well as the attentive and thoughtful service has give “Tea Pot” a loyal following who keep frequenting it now and again.

TEA POT, MAYFAIR Lagoon Bhubaneswar

The restaurant itself is airy, spacious and beautifully designed with both indoor and outdoor dining sections. The alfresco seating is next to a water body and gives quite a delightfully calming and peaceful ambiance as guests enjoy their meal. The indoor seating is designed around different buffet stations and has an elegant air about it. “Tea Pot’ gets its name from a fascinating and wonderful selection of tea pots from all over which is displayed in different parts of the restaurant itself.

Coming down to the real thing: while the ambiance is amazing at “Tea Pot”, the main star of the show remains the outstanding food. There is something on offer for every body with a wide variety of dishes from cuisines as varied as North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental and Odia cuisines. Buffets are another big draw at “Tea Pot” as the spread is always lavish with the dessert section also offering a great and delightful variety.