Things to do in Rourkela

Rourkela- known as the steel city has a cosmopolitan culture to boast of. People from many states and faiths peacefully cohabit here and have flourished in their callings. The city has been chosen to be developed as a smart city in the state-the other one being Bhubaneswar. There are many places in and around Rourkela where a visitor to the city could find attractive and interesting. A few of them are:

Vedavyasa temple
This place- because of its religious significance attracts tourist from all around the country. Situated on the bank of River Brahmani, the temple exudes an aura of profound serenity. It is said that the famous epic Mahabhrata was written here by the great sage Vedavyasa. There is a hermitage and a cave that lends a mystic touch to the ambience.

Located a few kilometers away from the city of Rourkela, Darjeeng is a picturesque place –ideal for picnics and fun trips. Located too on the bank of Brahmani , it is surrounded by lush greenery .There is a beautiful gorge located alongside which multiplies to the beauty of the site.

Hanuman Vatika
Said to be the dwelling place of Lord Hanuman, it is a major attraction for tourists visiting the city. There are several shrines in the Vatika that compliments to the grand statue of Lord Hanuman standing tall at 22.8 meters. The garden is beautifully laid out with flowering plants and manicured stretches of grass. It provides a peaceful break to the tourist after a long day of engagements.

Harishankar Falls
Located on the southern slopes of the Gandharmadan hills, it is one of the oft- visited places for travelers who come to Rourkela. The hypnotic natural environment and the charm of the mountains and forests elate tourists. Harishankar temple after which the site is named is thronged by tourists from across the state and the country who also find the place ideal for picnic and photography.

Ushakothi sanctuary attracts tourists who have a passion for animal life. It houses a diverse range of flora and fauna. Spread over 130 sqkms , one can have sight of leopards, tigers, elephants, sloth bears, panthers, sambars and many other species of animals. There is a watch tower in the sanctuary from which visitors could have a splendid view of the place.

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