Top 20 Boutique Hotels in South Goa – Choose the Best One

During winter vacations, people from the cold regions often prefer to visit some of the wonderful destinations, especially beach destinations known for sunny beaches with pleasant weather conditions to lay down on sand and enjoy the sun bath. If you are also one of them planning to explore one such wonderful destination, then Goa tour will certainly be the right option for you. Being a beach paradise on Earth, Goa is known for its pleasant weather and amazing beaches along with lush greenery and prehistoric architectural wonders. Especially from the month of November to February, it is a perfect destination to explore and to enjoy the sun bath on beautiful beaches.

Entire state in the west part of India is a wonderful destination, but its southern part has a charisma of its own that is sure to keep one enticed for the time to come. The wonderful location is known for magnificent old villas, isolated beach houses, greenery and serenity that you may miss in other parts of Goa. You will find some of the best and luxurious boutique hotels in Goa to stay. Choose the right one from the list of Top 20 Boutique Hotels in South Goa to make your stay pleasant and full of wonders.

Among the top 20 boutique hotels in South Goa, name of MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort comes on the top. The luxurious hotel in South Goa is located on the Sea mouth of the Konkan Coast offering a vast expanse Arabian Sea and plush greens. From comfortable and elegantly designed rooms to spa facilities, multi-cuisine foods to sea food, bar facilities to swimming pool, you will get a blend of services that keep you mesmerized for the time to come.

Book luxurious rooms and suites in the wonderful spa resort and make your Goa holidays memorable.