Top Beaches in Odisha that a Tourist must to Visit

With a vast coastline of 485 km dotted with many picturesque beaches, Odisha is one of the favorite places for tourists who love beach tourism. Although there are hot pick beaches like Puri and Goaplpur On Sea, there are many lesser known quaint and beautiful beaches that escape public attention. Rivalling those of the major beaches in their appeal for tourists, these beaches are relatively unspoilt and offer beautiful perspectives of the sea in its raw and wild form.

Baliharachandi Beach
Baliharachandi Beach, located at a distance of 27 km from Puri is at par with the Puri beach in terms of the spread of the golden sands. Lying alongside River Bhargavi, the beach at Baliharchandi is approachable via a short boat ride. Laced by Casuarina trees, the beach is swept by wild waves that rush towards the tourists with a little bit aggression. With lesser density of footfall and more greenery surrounding it, It is a must visit for tourists who love the pleasure of beach view amidst quietude.

Not far from Puri, is the beach of Astarang, which of late has drawn the attention of tourists from across the country. The beach offers a marvelous view of sunset which paints the sea beach in an ochre tint. Located at a distance of 8 km from the famous Shaktipith of goddess Mangala , the beach is ideal for a short holiday stint.

Aryapalli Beach
Aryapalli Beach, located 30 km off Berhampur is one of the tranquil sea beaches in Odisha where the tourists can find peace and pleasure. The fresh air and cleaner ambience wipes off stress and provides a peaceful experience to the tourists. The winds rustling through the casuarina trees adds music note that lifts the mood of the visitors.

Balighai Beach
Balighai Beach, located 8 km from Puri is yet another secluded beach that is drawing attention of tourists. Although visited more by local tourists, the beach for its serene ambience is getting popular with other tourists too.

Pati Sonapur Beach
Pati Sonapur Beach which another lesser known beach is located 35 km away from Gopalpur. Located at the confluence of River Bahuda and the Bay of Bengal, the beach offers an excellent view of the sea. Tourists can unwind after a hectic day on the peaceful bosom of the beach and enjoy the sunset uninterrupted by any crowd.

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