Top Things to Do in Gangtok

Land of Sikkim is defined by the beauty of its landscape and the grand tall mountains. Lifestyle of people of the state is greatly influenced by its topography and the climate which has also shaped the culture of the land. Mountainous rivers, lakes and numerous monasteries make Sikkim one of the attractive tourist destinations in the country. Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim is a place where one can find a convergence of Buddhist culture with a sophisticated urban lifestyle.

There are many things that a visitor can engage with in Gangtok . Some of them are—

Ridge Park Flower Show
The show which is frequented by tourists from across the country is one of the biggest flower shows in the country. Various varieties of roses, dahlias, carnations, gerberas and many more species of flowers are exhibited that delights the visitors. The other major highlight is the yearly Cymbidium Orchid Show which starts from March to April and is a major tourist attraction.

Paragliding in Sikkim
If one wishes to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Gangtok, then Fly Sikkim Adventure offers the best opportunity. Gangtok is one of the best paragliding spots of the country. From Baliman Dara and Bulbuley Dara, you can take a fly into the sky aided by expert paragliders. The experience is amazing and adventurous.

Gangtok Ropeway
Gangtok Ropeway Station is another place which offers enjoyable experiences to the tourists. One can explore interesting themes, fabulous designs, colorful landscapes, amusing characters, ambient music, props and merchandise available in nearby stores- all at one place. One can enjoy all the points of popular interests and carry many memorable experiences.

Located at an altitude of 7200 ft, Hanuman Tok– a temple of Lord Hanuman is frequently visited by tourists. Located amidst a serene surrounding, it offers a grand view of mount Kanchenjunga to the visitors. It offers excellent photographic opportunities and is must see destination for tourists.

One of the finest monasteries in Gangtok is Do Drul Chorten. Located near the Tibetology institute, the monastery is visited by tourists who keep interest in Buddhism. Within the monastery one can find many rare holy books and religious objects used by the monks. There are 108 prayer wheels around the Chorten which is turned by devout Buddhists during prayer.

Gangtok with its unique mystic aura always enthralls tourists who explore it with inquisitiveness.