Two States by Kanika: Outstanding Regional Cuisine

Two States by Kanika in MAYFAIR Heritage, Puri delivers some outstanding regional cuisine in an impeccable manner. Stunning entrees from Bengali cuisine sit by side with sumptuous traditional Odia dishes which are served in a rustic and charming setting. It is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Puri and puts a huge emphasis on the quality ingredients that go into making the dishes as well as on impeccable execution of the same.

The specialty of Two States by Kanika is an exquisite rendition of the thali in not just one but two variants: an Odia Thali and a Bengali Thali filled with exciting regional offerings. MAYFAIR Heritage being located right by the sea, there is definitely a quantum stress on seafood and it is as fresh as they come – from succulent prawns to delightful morsels of Hilsa fish. No meal can be complete without dessert. The house special is the popular Odia caramelised baked cheese dessert Chhena Poda.