Two States by Kanika: Scrumptious Regional Cuisine

2 States by Kanika
(2 States by Kanika- MAYFAIR Heritage, Puri)

Two States by Kanika” is located at the stunning MAYFAIR Heritage right by the vast Indian Ocean in the pilgrimage town of Puri in Odisha. The restaurant is a representation of two very eclectic and incredibly delightful cuisines: Odia and Bengali. The successful classical and contemporary interpretations of a vast array of dishes from both these cuisines are what keep bringing back the guests for more and more.

As one steps into the restaurant itself, the traditional motifs and brass utensils signify that one is in for quite a treat. The rustic decor is endearing while the warm and polite staff make it an even better experience. However, the highlight of the restaurant remains the excellent food which only seems to be getting better by the day. While the A La carte menu is quite extensive, it is both the Odia and the Bengali thalis which are very popular here. With the proximity to the ocean, seafood is emphasised including mouth-watering prawn and crab dishes. Traditional Odia and Bengali sweets are also showcased. “Two States by Kanika” is definitely one of the best restaurants in Puri.