Wildlife Sanctuaries of Goa

Goa is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna that you can immerse yourself in. The Western Ghats where Goa is nestled is known to be a vibrant biodiversity hotspot that is an ideal habitat for a wide medley of species. This rich tropical biodiversity blooming in the state includes everything from birds like kingfishers bulbuls to deciduous trees like sal and teak apart from a host of different animals like foxes, leopards, bison and squirrels.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary; Source: Google

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:
Migratory as well as local birds come to nest in the mangrove covered confines of the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary which is located on the island of Chorao. One can take boat rides within the sanctuary or try and spy particular birds from a watchtower.
(How to reach – Drive to Ribandar ferry wharf and take the ferry across the Mandovi River to the island of Chorao. The sanctuary is walking distance from ferry wharf at Chorao. Distance: 33 kms by road from Dabolim Airport.)

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary; Source: Google

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary:
In the trenches of the bountiful Western Ghats lies Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary in Eastern Goa. Here, the forests are dense with deciduous as well as evergreen trees. Animals and birds found in this wildlife sanctuary include gaur, leopard, black sloth bear, giant squirrel, night heron, hornbill, four-horned antelope and peacock.
(How to reach – 68 kms by road from Goa International Airport, 34 kms to Madgaon Railway Station.)

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary; Source: Google

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary:
The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is small wildlife sanctuary slash jungle resort that attracts many visitors every day. The sanctuary is located in Eastern Goa and has within its confines a mini zoo, an education centre, a deer park and even a botanical garden. The state animal of Goa, the gaur can be seen here.
(How to reach – 46 kms by road from Goa International Airport, 24 kms by road from Madgaon Railway Station, 50 kms by road from Panaji)

Best Time to Visit:
October-April is the best time to visit although Goa is very pleasant throughout the year.

Where to Stay:
MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort, Goa (A trendy boutique hotel bewitchingly located between where the Sal River and the Arabian Sea meet. It offers luxury accommodation, warm hospitality and some amazing fresh seafood.)