2 States by Kanika: An marvellous culinary experience

Dining at the superb Odia and Bengali restaurant “2 States by Kanika” is a rather novel culinary experience in itself. What elevates the experience to a wonderful one is the passionate effort put in by the chefs to bring to guests stunning Odia and Bengali dishes that are as mouth-watering as they are exciting. The restaurant itself is located in the gorgeous MAYFAIR Heritage located right on the beach beside the sea at Puri. “2 States by Kanika” is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Puri.

2 States by Kanika
(2 States by Kanika- MAYFAIR Heritage, Puri)

The ambiance has been designed in a manner that evokes rustic charm with traditional motifs and the use of brass utensils. Some of the highlights on the menu include the impressively lavish Odia and Bengali thalis which are the perfect way for guests to sample a little bit of everything. The seafood specialties are amazing including prawn, crab and fish dishes. “2 States by Kanika” is an overall marvellous culinary experience which celebrate two amazing regional cuisines.