A Sacred Seaside Haven: Puri

The sacred Odia city of Puri is located just a leisurely one hour drive away from the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Being home to the renowned Jagannath Temple – one of the 4 Char Dham pilgrimage places in India, Puri is widely known as one of the most sacred places for Hindus. It is located right by the sea with the popular Puri Beach looking out on to the vet and beautiful Indian Ocean.


Apart from visiting the majestic Jagannath Temple, guests can also make trips to Shree Lokanath which is an 11th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. A short drive away is the Sun Temple of Konark which is a famous UNESCO World Heritage site. The quiet Chandrabhaga Beach can make a nice change from the more crowded Puri Beach. In and around Puri, guests can also visit Chilka Lake which is a large saltwater lagoon that is known for bird watching, water sports and fishing. A visit to Puri is sure to be a memorable one for the entire family!

MAYFAIR Heritage, Puri

Where to Stay
MAYFAIR Waves and MAYFAIR Heritage are two adjacent resorts located right on Puri Beach offering excellent facilities, luxury accommodation and multiple dining options.