Beach Hotels in India

Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, one of the fastest growing luxury chain of hotels has craved a distinct presence in the hospitality arena of the country. Mayfair properties are distinguished by their unique charm, boutique features and an attention to aesthetics. Accent on greenery and adaptation of local themes lends Mayfair properties a different aura.

Keeping in view, the growing popularity of beach destinations, Mayfair Hotels and Resorts has developed three different properties at locations popular for their beaches and other tourist attractions.

MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort
Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort at Goa was conceived a holiday destination for people who seek for a tranquil and secluded ambience to spend their private moments. Also designed to host marriage parties and other high end functions, Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort has all the amenities for a rejuvenating break and a luxurious stay. The architecture and decors of the hotels are patterned on the culture of Goa and the cuisines too bear the quintessential Goan signature. Located at the confluence of River Sal and the sea, a guest is treated to a majestic view of nature upon each outing.

The twin resorts of Mayfair Waves and Mayfair Heritage at beach town of Puri cater to the premium hospitality needs of tourists whose number is on the rise in recent times. Puri thronged by tourists of all profile because of its unique character of being a pilgrimage and a holiday destination, offers recreation, rejuvenation and religious succor to tourists.

Mayfair Heritage, nestled snugly along the beach gaze out to the distant skies – stretching above the Bay of Bengal, offers a panoramic view of the sea to the tourists. Elegantly decorated rooms and beautifully landscaped gardens accentuate the core locational feature of the resort. Apart from the regal ambience and sumptuous delicacies available in the restaurants, the hotel also attracts business tourist who find it convenient to hold meetings and seminars.

Mayfair waves too is a sea facing property that offers grand views of the sea. The restaurants in the hotel delight the guests with a wide assortment of sea food. One can have a wonderful time sipping beverages in the shacks in the beaches. The Spa and the gyms are there for fitness enthusiasts. Like Heritage, the Waves too have excellent facilities for organizing meetings and functions. While staying at these properties, one can plan a trip to many attractive tourists’ sites in and around the town.

Mayfair Palm Beach Resort
Mayfair Palm Beach Resort at Gopalpur is a heritage property frequented by travel connoisseurs, formerly owned by the Oberoi group, it is a prized property of Mayfair group which has brought many recognitions. Equipped to address a wide range of needs whether of personal vacation, family functions or business meets. Mayfair Palm Beach Resort strives to provide the guests memorable experiences they could cherish forever. Restaurants have excelled in making scrumptious sea food which a big draw on tourists. The Bar is a favorite with tipplers that serves a wide range of wines. For bon vivants who seek for an exuberant enjoyment of life on the lap of nature, Mayfair Palm beach resort is a great destination.

Mayfair Hotels and Resorts is adept in anticipating the shifting holidaying preferences of the new age tourists and calibrates its offerings in accordance with their need. Our goal always remains to provide the extra zing in terms of the nuanced value we add with every object of our property.