Best Places to See in Darjeeling

Darjeeling, euphemistically called the queen of the Hills attracts tourists from around the globe for its hospitable climates and enchanting features. Reclusive Himalayan range flank the small town of Darjeeling providing visitors a majestic view of the grandeur of the hill town.

There are many places in Darjeeling that tourist can find appealing. Whether it is for a lousy escape or to seek the thrill of some adventure, Darjeeling offers every visitor experiences wrapped in peace and joy.

If one is a fan of Tibetan style of architecture, then there are many temples in Darjeeling which keeps you in awe. The Dhridham temple is one of the famous temples in the city which is patterned on the famous Pashupatinath temple of Nepal. Persons with a spiritual streak can find the visit to the temple satisfying and peaceful.

Located 50 KM away from Darjeeling, Mirik Lake is a beautiful place. Surrounded by pine trees and dotted by old huts on the banks, the visitor experiences an old world charm there. Journey to the site is more enjoyable as the tourists drives along the orange orchards tea gardens and gentle hill slopes. Visitors can enjoy boating in the lake and horse riding in adjacent areas.

If one has an interest in Buddhism, Buddhism monks and monasteries, Aloobari Gompa monastery is a must see. The monastery has a beautiful design that marks Tibetan architecture. One interested in the lifestyle of monks could witness it in the tranquil ambience of the monastery while collecting trinkets from the monks.

If one wishes to have a thrilling experience amidst a verdant ambience, Latpanchar – located at a height of 4500ft in the Mahananda Wildlife sanctuary is the right place. Approachable from Darjeeling via winding stony roads, the place has retained its pristine charm since times. There are beautiful cottages where the visitors can stay and enjoy the greens and the mountains.

Senchal Lake with a ring of mountains to surround is a wonderful tourist destination in Darjeeling. Near it exists- one of the oldest a wildlife sanctuary which enhances attraction for tourists. Nearly 11 km away from Darjeeling and located at an elevation of 8160fts, the site is surrounded by trees and forests. The lake is fed by the mountain springs and offers a serene view to the tourists. There are numerous flowering plants in and around the sanctuary that captivates the tourists. Driving along the lakes and in the sanctuary provides one beautiful sights of flora and fauna.