Bhubaneswar the Temple City of India

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha is fast developing a cosmopolitan culture. Recently the city shot into limelight when it topped the smart city challenge race organized by Union Ministry of urban development. There are very few cities that blend the historic glory, cultural heritage with modern city development seamlessly as Bhubaneswar has. The city has evolved into a centre of learning with establishment of many national level educational institutions. World’s largest tribal school The Kalinga Institute of Social studies is located in Bhubaneswar where more than 25000 students are taught freely.

Hundreds of temples in Bhubaneswar bear testimony to the confluence of different sects of Hinduism in the city. This is a destination for people who love historic and religious places.

Ram Mandir Bhubaneswar
From the Grand Lingaraj temple standing majestically since eons to the ISCON and Ram temple, Bhubaneswar lives up to the tag of being the temple city of India.



Shri Jagannath temple of Puri and the famous Sun temple of Konark are located at a convenient distance from Bhubaneswar. A tourist to Bhubaneswar plans his program keeping in view the sites that surround the city.
Konark Sun Temple

Apart from the major attractions like The Lngaraj temple, Nandankanan, Dhauligiri, Khanadagiri caves of Bhubaneswar, there are many other places, monuments and institutions which a traveler finds worth visiting.

There is a museum of tribal arts and artifacts where the tribal arts and crafts are showcased. One can see live demos of artworks being manufacture there. Those who want to shop tribal artifacts can also purchase it from nearby shops.

Odisha state museum is another place each visitor would like to visit. The museum describes the glorious history and culture of the state through the things put on display there.

One of the lesser known yet much visited temple is the Chausath Yogini Temple which is situated in the fringe of Bhubaneswar at Hirapur. It bears witness to the flourishing Buddhist Tantrik culture in the state.

The regional museum of natural history is another attraction of the city of Bhubaneswar. Relics of animals, restored objects and fossils satiates the curiosity of nature lovers.

While staying in the serene ambience of MAYFAIR Lagoon – the 5 star luxury hotel in Bhubaneswar, the visitor could plan visit these places which enlightens him about the state and enriches his experiences.