Goa-The best destination for newly married couples

Goa is famous for its sea beaches and an exuberant ambience of celebration and enjoyment. There are many places to visit in Goa out of which some strikingly stand out for newly married couples.

Dona Paula jetty which is also called lovers paradise located on the famous sea stretch from Panjim to Miramar and offers a bird’s eye view of the splendid beauty of Goa.

A climb to fort Aguada offers a panoramic view of the city Panjim and it is an ecstatic experience. Climbing up the spiraled staircase up to the light house affords a thrilling experience to the tourists. Those persons with a fondness for historic antiquity and the surreal feelings those exude would find the place an ideal one. There are many corners in the fort which are pretty isolated where couples could have some intimate moments.

Goa is also famous for its churches which the colonial Portuguese has built. Apart from their religious significance, these churches also architectural masterpieces. Standing stoically for centuries, these churches inspires awe and reverence.

Another destination in Goa which delights honeymooning couples is the Paolem Beach. It provides excellent beach hut accommodations made of bamboo for newly married couples where they can spend some beautiful moments savoring delicious local delicacies. The beach huts range from very basic to somewhat luxurious, with en suite huts becoming more common every year. There are excellent restaurants and eateries spread along the beach that offers a wide range of foods- from Indian to authentic Italian to pamper your taste bud. The beach is ideal for people who love swimming.

Calangute Street Goa
For couples who don’t want the maddening rush of holidayers at other places in the peak season, Holiday street in Calangute is the perfect getaway. It is close to all major attractions to Goa while being relatively calmer. Couples can have fun while relaxing. There is a small Tibetan market where the one can find fashion jewelry, silverware, silver jewelry and many other interesting trinkets. The street also has some major shops selling artifacts, Indian fine jewelry made from semi-precious stones, tattoo parlors, massage and spa centers, etc.

Mangeshi Temple Goa
The Mangeshi temple in the hamlet of Priol is distinctly elegant. Laced with beautiful environs of lush green hills, mango and jackfruit groves, green carpet of paddy fields, swaying coconut palms, this beautiful temple dedicated to Shree Mangesh is a major tourist attraction of Goa where the couples could visit for peace of mind and redemption.

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