Host an Event in Puri Orissa, the Luxurious Way

Other than the world class luxury accommodations, the Mayfair Puri has carved out a special place in event management that none others can claim. The hotel specialises in hosting events be it business, corporate, formal, informal or family related.


With a wide number of conference halls, halls and rooms let out especially for such events, one can choose their venue according to the number of attendees and type of function being held. The conference rooms of the hotel have the latest state of the art technological gizmos to make meetings flow smoothly without any technical difficulties. The communication systems that have been installed into them are of the latest technology that makes operations go smoothly.


An event in Puri Orissa which is hosted in Mayfair is known to be set a standard for a particular company or party due to the lavishness of luxury found here. It automatically elevates the position of whosoever is hosting the event, workshop or conference. With its wide options of banquet and board meeting options that can host up to 3000 people at a time makes it one of a kind hotel in Puri to do so. All you need to do is choose the venue among the Board room. Mayfair hall and the Mayfair Lawn as per your part, the rest is taken care by the efficient staff of Mayfair.


The Mayfair Hall and the Board room are within the complex, they can be customized for workshop, event or meetings accordingly. Customized facilities are given by the management as per the needs of the event. Both are spacious and fitted with state of the art technology to make the event a successful as well as a classy one.


All in all an event managed by the Mayfair Puri has always been a special, memorable and elegant one that is free from any kind of set back or hassle. So the next time you are planning to throw a party, hold workshop or pertain to a business meeting in Puri, then Mayfair is the best place to do it.