Mama Mia MAYFAIR is the right place if you love Italian and Mexican Cuisines

Mamma Mia
Mama Mia restaurant in Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar is one of the best and high footfall eateries in the city which caters to the niche segments of customers who love Italian and Mexican cuisines. Its elegant interiors and comfortable ambience along with its unique cook- crafts is a definite draw on food enthusiasts.

Chef with Guest at Mamma Mia
Recently we had the privilege of treating some special guests who spent some time with us and their experiences. Food buffs from Planet social, a web portal that tracks restaurants of repute in the country – had arrived at MAMA Mia on a gastronomic expedition.

Pizza Preparation Time
They interacted with our expert chefs who took them on a culinary sojourn deftly s presenting the unique offerings of Mama Mia. They savored the foods in the tastefully decorated environs of the joint.

Wood Fired Bhatti
They were served with the delicious wood fried thrice sinful pizza which they relished to their content. The chefs prepared the pizza in their presence explaining the process and the ingredients involved. Which was a visual feast that adds the extra zing to the whole experience of having the meal.

Wood Fired Pizza
The thin crust pizza made of mushy Mozarella seasoned with roasted garlic and topped with tomato sauce was best at its crispness that delighted the guest and pampered their testbeds.

The guests also took note of other delicacies like Almost gourmet, Nutty Chocolatey and New Yorker and praised the wide range of pizzas, burgers, pastries and salads that were on offer at Mamma Mia.