Mayfair Bhubaneswar – The Best Venue for Corporate Events

With the expansion of Bhubaneswar, business activities in the city have grown exponentially. Many big corporate houses have opened their offices in the city and as a fallout- number of meetings, conference, functions and customer interactions have increased manifold. Not only companies having operations in the state, but many other organizations, companies, industry bodies and associations organize events periodically as a part of their marketing, market exploration, opportunity mapping and product launch purposes.

Mayfair Lagoon and Mayfair Convention in Bhubaneswar have emerged as the top choice for organization of corporate events because of the state of the art facilities, conference halls of many formats and the hi-tech equipment s they are fitted with. It has excellent banqueting facilities for those who want to lend their events an extra jazz. Located conveniently in the middle of the city, corporate guests find it equally convenient for their accommodation and business purposes. In fact business tourism has received an impetus due to the convenience offered-both in terms of accommodation and business facilities.

Corporate Events Setup

Mayfair, since its inception has been the favorite destination of high profile brands and organizations , not only for the facilities offered by it, but also for its high quality hospitality and superlative services. All aspects of the event-whether it is the layout of the seats, audio visual arrangements, food served –are monitored for ensuring quality and excellence.

Board Room Mayfair Convention

Camelia Mayfair Lagoon
In the recent past many such events have been organized in Mayfair Lagoon and Convention. Recently the Kalinga Literary Festival was organized in Mayfair convention which was attended by noted politician and economist Dr Subramanyam Swami. Aluminum Association of India recently organized a national seminar on ‘Aluminium, the Strategic metal’ in the Mayfair Convention. Odisha skill development authority had its launch on program organized at Mayfair Convention which was inaugurated by state Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik. UNICEF had also organized a meeting at Mayfair Convention. Besides Tata Steel Long Products conference and State Level Banking Committee meetings were also organized by Mayfair convention. The state government recently threw a state banquet in honor of RBI governor Shri Raghuram Rajan.

The comfortable ambience offered by Mayfair as well as the satisfying experiences of organizers has differentiated Mayfair from others and has kept it ahead of others as the choicest venue for corporate events.