MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts considers safety of guests as the first priority.

During this difficult time of the pandemic in the midst of us, MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts considers the overall safety of the guests as the foremost priority. On almost every level, at each of the properties of MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts, extreme precautions have been taken to ensure that a highly secure and sanitised environment has been prepared for our esteemed guests. To diminish all the risks which are related to the COVID-19 virus, new safety and hygiene protocols have been established and these are strictly adhered to at each and every one of the hotels.

The guests can first of all be picked up and dropped off in a completely sanitised cab. Temperature checks are regularly conducted on all staff members and also on guests during entry. Hand sanitiser stations are placed at convenient locations all across the properties. The rooms and the items placed inside are all cautiously sanitised. Contactless in-room dining is encouraged and digital payment. Even the food items are all put through a rigorous process of sanitisation. Hence, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the highest safety and hygiene standards are constantly maintained by MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts, no better stated than by their commitment towards saying “Your safety is our priority.”