Mayfair Hotels & Resorts Won the Prestigious DDP Award

East India Travel Awards 2016
In recognition for excellence in hotel operations and hospitality management, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts has won the prestigious DDP award for being the best chain of hotels in eastern India. It is yet another jewel in the crown of Mayfair as it strives to set new standards of excellence. Our beach resort at Gopalpur-which is a heritage property of our group-has also been awarded with the best beach resort in Eastern India. DDP-which a leading publication on travel and hospitality industry-felicitates performers in the hospitality industry- to benchmark excellence and recognize achievements. Our consistent efforts towards delivering high quality services to an increasingly value conscious consumer –has made us a trustworthy choice of tourists-who find our properties as the best solutions for their hospitality needs.

East India Travel Awards 2016
Mayfair has put its focus on the Eastern and North Eastern parts of the country as part of a strategic plan –objective of which is to provide comfortable and luxurious accommodations for tourists who wish to explore this part of the world. With enormous tourists potential, Eastern part of the country has failed to harness its potentials because of inadequate infrastructure. Mayfair Hotels and Resorts has taken the initiative to build support infrastructure for tourism in terms of luxury hotels -which is a fundamental facility that tourists seek while planning their trip to any location.

Odisha with a coastline of nearly 480 KM has all the potential of becoming the hub of beach tourism in the country. The beach at Puri and Gopalpur, with their pristine charm has attracted tourists from ages.

Mayfair hotels & Resorts has built premium luxury properties at both the places- which has catered to the accommodation need of savvy tourists from both India and abroad. Our sea facing beach properties, fitted with all luxurious amenities have been the favorite choice of tourists who loved to enjoy the beauty of the sea in an immersive and enjoyable environment. For destination tourists, our property at Gopalpur-on sea is an ideal option as the beach and the tranquil environments spin a mesmerizing experience for tourists.

Mayfair Hotels & Resorts consider each recognition as an acknowledgement of its tireless effort to provide best services to its customers. It has encouraged us to introduce new experiments and practices for customer delight. The awards will proud us to set and achieve new milestones in the future.