Mayfair- the crown of boutique hotels in Darjeeling

The Queen of Hills Darjeeling is so regal and imperial in terms of beauty that she is hardly matched by any other place of similar cadre in the world. To keep up with the majestic ambience of the place, there is but one hotel i.e. Mayfair which makes your holiday here a great experience. Mayfair can be said to be the one of the best boutique hotels in Darjeeling that offers the best of hospitality that Darjeeling is so well known for.


Perched on the side of an up-rise opposite to the Governors House at Mall road this luxury hotel is the best of what hospitality and luxury, the queen offers. Shaded by a canopy of fir, pine, cedar and magnolia trees, this hotel is a marvel that has harmonized modernity with nature. Quaint, quiet and tranquil filled atmosphere that envelopes the vintage style hotel with colonial style architecture, this hotel is the very essence of Darjeeling. Mayfair is a heritage hotel that has the charm of those erstwhile days of British rule whilst being in touch with the latest of technological conveniences that have made life much easier.


The hotel has been built in such a way that it imbibes the vintage charm of the summerhouse of the Nazargunj Maharaja. The beautiful surroundings and the scenic mountain range of the majestic Kanchendzonga on the horizon adds to the charm of the place. The decor of the hotel with vintage items such as statues, figurines, busts and furniture creates an ambience of magic that teleports you to those old British days when Darjeeling was a summer paradise for only the elite. A stay at a hotel with the lavishness of luxury oozing from the hospitality services, accommodations and dining along with the grandness of the picturesque view is something that can be found only here in Mayfair.


The elegant architecture, stunning design and royal services is what makes Mayfair a step ahead from other boutique Boutique Hotels in Darjeeling. Apart from the architecture, ambience and service, the restaurants of the hotel also add to the flavour of the place. It has two of the most elite restaurants that go by the name of Tiffany and Magnolia. While Magnolia is famed for its mouth watering, lip smacking and finger licking multi cuisine dishes, the Tiffany is known for its subtle platters that have exotic flavours for your palate to savour.


Being a hill station that is relatively chilly even in the summers a good way to warm yourself would be spirits. The Douglas bar of the hotel is known to have a wide array of the finest malts of spirits and wine to sample and savour. To go along with the elixir of warmth there are a number of snacks for you to choose from.


If you are planning to stay here then you have a wide array of choices to choose from. The Mayfair Darjeeling has 44 lavish opulence accommodations to make your holiday to the Queen of hills as regal as it can get. With preferences from deluxe rooms, suites, cottages and family rooms that have been fitted with state of the art amenities to make your stay a comfortable and convenient one, Mayfair takes the cake away when it comes to luxury accommodations in Darjeeling.


To sum it all up, Mayfair is the place to stay if you want luxury stay as regal and elegant as the queen of hills herself.