Monsoon in Odisha

Raining in Bubaneswar
Monsoon is eagerly awaited not only in Odisha, but everywhere in India as it gives refreshing relief from the scorching summer heat. Monsoon clouds not only usher in a cooler clime, but also carry the lightening of hope of millions of farmers. Odisha, being a predominantly agricultural state depends on monsoon for a better agricultural output.

Monsoon in Odisha
Odisha, being a land of forests, mountains and expansive seashores- is a theatre for enactment of nature’s many themed plays. The beautiful natural canvas of the state is vibrated with multiple colors with the sublime touch of monsoon. Monsoon infuses life into the soil and the foliage with its rejuvenating touch.

Monsoon offers magical experiences to the tourists who visit the state during the rainy days. Although there are lesser footfalls during the season, those tourists who love to watch nature’s raw beauty find the season perfect for their trip.

The sight of pouring rain over the seas offers a wonderful view from beach side hotels where the tourist can see the divine union of the waters from the sky and from the earth. There are many sea side hotels in Puri and Gopalpur like those operated by Mayfair Hotels and Resorts that offer wonderful accommodation and a vantage point to watch rains on the sea.

Mountains & Clouds
Odisha landscape is characterized by many mountainous terrains. Mountain ranges of Eastern Ghat that passes through the state topped buy thick vegetation offer delightful views during the monsoons. The romance of the clouds with the mountains is a delightful spectacle for visitors who pay a visit to the hilly districts of the state. Rain on the thick layers of vegetation along the slope of the mountains is an enchanting view to behold in those areas. Enthusiasts of tribal tourism can enjoy their stay in the tribal hamlets and enjoy the rainy days as well as the company of the tribals.

Apart from the known temples in Odisha like the Sun temple of Konark, Shri Jagannath temple and the Lingaraj temple, there are many other temples and historical places in the state which can be visited by tourists across the year. A trip can be planned to a diamond triangle of Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, Udaygiari and adjoining areas and rain is not a spoiler during the journey, but an igniter of an enchanting experience.

Chilika Lake in Monsoon
Chilika acquires an ethereal charm during monsoon. The view of rains from its many islands provides an amazing experience to the tourist.

Monsoon in Odisha
Odisha during monsoons casts a hypnotic spell on the tourist as the beauty of nature manifests in its pristine and sublimest form during rains.