Nakli Showlay Food Festival at Nakli Dhaba, Bhubaneswar

Mayfair Hotels and Resorts is organizing a thematic food festival titled “Show-Lay” at Nakli Dhaba, our restaurant specializing in North Indian cuisines. ‘Nakli Dhaba “ keeping with its brand proposition- offers a wide assortment of popular foods amid an environment that mimics popular road side eateries known for their spicy and tangy foods. This year we have adopted the theme from yesteryear’s blockbuster “Sholay” starred by Superstar Amitabh Bachan and Dharmendra.

Already a part of cinematic folklore, the film, it dialogues and characters have been part the pop culture and elicit frequent mentions in social conversations.

To reanimate the passion for the film and to relive the periods gone by-we have patterned the festival on the film ‘Sholay” which will take the guests on a joy-ride back to the hoary times of the film and provide them an experience soaked in fun, joy and delight.

The show is planned to build an instant connect with the period of time when the film ran in the theaters. Guest will experience the lifestyle, costumes and the dining protocols of those times through a live reproduction of the scenes of the film that mirrored living style of those times.

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We have built the settings on the theme of the film- in the ambiance of which the guests will savor their favorite delicacies while reminiscing, their splendid tryst with the film.

We are hopeful; our guests will have a great time being part of the festival and will cherish the moments spent here.

Mayfair in keeping with the evolving tastes of the customers – has always been creative and innovative in its approach to enhance pleasure equity of the guests from every appointment they have made with us.

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