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Explore Gangtok in this rainy season

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The enchanting capital of Sikkim is Gangtok which is at its pristine best during the rainy season. The crowds are much lesser and you will have the entire town to yourself which you can explore at your own ease and at your own pleasure. After the rains have drenched the town, it looks incredibly fresh and it is indeed a…

The 33rd IATO Annual Convention, Bhubaneswar

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The esteemed 33rd IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators) Annual Convention was successfully held with great fanfare and much elaboration at MAYFAIR Convention in Bhubaneswar from the 7th to the 10th of September, 2017. The convention was inaugurated by the honourable Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik. It was the first major event that was attended by Shri Alphons…

10 Most Romantic Beaches In Goa For Couples
The top 10 tourist places in Odisha

The top 10 tourist places in Odisha

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Odisha is home to immaculate natural beauty, superb cultural diversity and a booming urban sector. There are beautiful beaches, magnificent temples and modern towns. The top 10 tourist places to visit in Odisha are listed below. 1. Jagannath Temple: The exquisite Jagannath Temple is a major pilgrimage destination for Hindus in the sacred town of Puri and is a part…


The Perfect Weekend Getaway

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Gopalpur-on-Sea is a sanctuary of pure unadulterated serenity. Located on the far Eastern coastal reaches of the Indian state of Odisha, it is one of the best seaside towns in India with one of the best beaches anywhere. Being a beautiful tourist destination right by the majestic Bay of Bengal, Gopalpur-on-Sea makes for an ideal weekend getaway for a family…

Five Best Beaches in Odisha

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The eastern coast of Odisha which straddles the majestic Bay of Bengal is home to some of the most marvellous beaches in India that can be a traveller’s delight. While it is really hard to pick from so many gems, we have narrowed it down to 5 of the best beaches you can go to in Odisha. So whether you…

East India Travel Awards

East India Travel Awards

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The coveted East India Travel Awards was recently held with much fanfare in the city of Guwahati in Assam. At this recently concluded prestigious award show, MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts won in the “Best Luxury Hotel Brand” category and MAYFAIR Spa Resort and Casino in Gangtok won in the “Best Casino Hotel” category. MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts runs gloriously stunning…

Honeymoon in Goa

Magical Honeymoon in Goa

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A beautiful honeymoon is the perfect way to begin a beautiful marriage. One of the best honeymoon places for a newly married couple to visit anywhere is the enchanting South Goa. This charming corner of India located by the Arabian Sea is a magical place for beginning a new memorable chapter in life. And located here is an amazing boutique…

MAYFAIR SPA: Relax, Refresh, & Rejuvenate in Bhubaneswar

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Welcome to MAYFAIR SPA – a harbour of absolute serenity located in the stunning MAYFAIR Lagoon at Bhubaneswar. By far, the best spa in Bhubaneswar, MAYFAIR Spa offers a vast array of deeply holistic and rejuvenating treatments. It also has a Barber Shop, a Bridal Room, a Manicure & Pedicure section and a Nail Art station. All the massage therapists…

Asian athletic championship 2017

Asian Athletics Championship in Odisha

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The five day long 22nd Asian Athletics Championship was held very recently in Bhubaneswar at the Kalinga Stadium from the 6th to the 9th of July 2017. This prestigious event attracts the very best of athletes from a host of countries from Asia. This time around, there were more than 800 athletes competing from around 40 countries in an array…

Visit Goa in Monsoon

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With the coming of the rains, there is a new distinct charm to Goa. It takes on a completely new character and a refreshing new look. There is an invigorating sense of freshness in the air and the scenery looks breath-taking. You can have a memorable monsoon getaway here as you spend a nice vacation with your family or celebrate…

Monsoon in Gangtok

Monsoon in the Hills

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Monsoons are the time when the hills look their freshest and the crisp air feels the purest. Whether drenched in mist or washed afresh by pouring rain, monsoons in the hills are perfect to escape from the unpleasant heat and mugginess of the plains. The secluded and beautiful state of Sikkim is the ideal place for a monsoon getaway. In…


Visit Gangtok this Summer

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With the summer vacations coming up, it is an exciting time for holiday goers to start planning a memorable trip along with their loved ones. Gangtok is a destination that has a little something for everybody – whether it be exciting adventures for the younger ones or a quiet time of reflection for the elders. MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino,…

MAYFAIR Darjeeling

Celebrate Summer in Darjeeling

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The crisp fresh mountain air soothes you as drive up to the charming hill station of Darjeeling, crossing beautiful sprawling tea estates and vast expanses of mountain vistas along the way. When you reach your destination of MAYFAIR Darjeeling in a gorgeous corner of the town – you are welcomed warmly into a world of refined luxury and excellent hospitality….


The Best Goan Food

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MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort, Goa is proud to bring to our guests some of the best Goan food around. With Goan dishes on offer ranging from delicious fiery gravies to standout seafood items, you can be assured of sampling some truly delectable fare here. Seafood is of course a classic and integral part of Goan cuisine and at MAYFAIR Hideaway…


Summer in Goa

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Welcome to an amazing summer in Goa! Think of spectacular beaches lined with shacks serving up some superb seafood, think of interesting curio shops loaded with amazing finds and trinkets, think of lazing around and exploring a beautiful state in all its glory. There is so much to do whether you want to go in for exciting adventure sports or…

Ocean View at MAYFAIR Gopalpur

Beach Destinations in Odisha for Summer Holidays

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It is that time of the year when it is perfect to take a relaxing summer holiday with your friends, family or your loved ones. And where better to take a wonderfully memorable summer holiday than an ideal beach destination. MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts brings you three luxurious beach stay options in the tranquil and serene coastal state of Odisha….

Sun, Sand & Summer in Goa

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Winter is long gone and balmy summer is here. It is the perfect time to visit the beautiful beaches of Goa and have yourself a merry little time. Whether you are planning a short getaway with your close friends, celebrating a romantic occasion with your partner or just want to take a much deserved break with your family – The…



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On the eastern coast of India, straddling the great Bay of Bengal lies the captivating state of Odisha – filled with rich history, wonderful monuments and pristine natural beauty. Odisha is filled with beautiful beach towns, vibrant cities, and wildlife sanctuaries teeming with rich flora and fauna, industrial hubs, major pilgrimage centres and majestic temples that are a delight to…

The Good Karma Retreat

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The Good Karma Retreat is a four day wellness retreat that will take place at Mayfair Palm Beach Resort. Gopalpur-on-Sea from the 6th to the 9th of April 2017. This splendid initiative is a brainchild of Speaking Tree. This wonderful four day retreat will include a host of activities and workshops. There will be morning sessions of Yoga and meditation…

Visit Enchey Monastery in Gangtok, Sikkim

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The stunning hillside retreat of Gangtok in the tiny but enchanting mountain state of Sikkim is home to a few significant monasteries. Enchey Monastery is located beautifully in the upper reaches of Gangtok and affords some impressive sweeping views. Built over a century ago, the monastery exudes a serene atmosphere and is home to a selection of important religious artefacts…

Shigmo Festival Goa

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The Shigmo is the biggest Hindu religious festival held every spring in the tiny but gorgeous Indian coastal state of Goa. The festivities will start this year from the 14th of March and continue for a whole fortnight till the 27th of March. Colourful and vibrant parades full of huge troupes of distinct and interesting character will take place at…


Wildlife in Odisha

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There is a natural abundance of verdant greenery and forest cover in the languid interiors of the gorgeous coastal state of Odisha in Eastern India. With the majestic Bay of Bengal straddling the state on one side, gentle hills teeming with vibrant ecological diversity and several rivers running through it, there is little wonder then that the flora and fauna…

Visit the stunning Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim

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The ethereal beauty of Tsomgo Lake has been held in awe and enthralled people who have visited it over the years. Jagged mountain terrain encircle this stunning lake with the crystal waters reflecting the skies. Tsomgo Lake is a glacial lake situated in the eastern region of the mountainous Indian state of Sikkim. A scenic comfortable drive of a couple…


The Goa Carnival 2017

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The colourful Goa Carnival will be held from February 25th to February 28th this year. Fun and frolic, merrymaking and all around revelry characterises this one of a kind festival which is celebrated all over the tiny but scenic Indian coastal state of Goa. A striking spectrum of vibrant colours stand out during the carnival as performers of all order…

Celebration of Indian Team

Cricket Fever in Odisha

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The stunning resort of Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar recently had the privilege of hosting both the Indian and England national cricket teams in its luxurious confines. The teams were in Odisha to play each other in an international one day cricket match as part of an ongoing cricket series between the two in India. The match was held at Cuttack which…


Puri Beach Carnival 2017

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The Puri Beach Carnival is an exhilarating beach festival that will be held from the 20th to the 26th of January 2017 in Puri, Odisha. The venue would be a lovely stretch of beach from Mayfair Puri to Jatrika. There will be an exciting parade characterised by bright and vivid colours with interestingly decorated rickshaws and bullock carts, traditional dances…


Rajarani Music Festival 2017

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The Rajarani Music Festival will be held from the 18th to the 20th of January 2017 in the capital city of Bhubaneswar in the coastal Eastern Indian state of Odisha. The beautifully constructed Rajarani Temple dating back to the 11th century will form the backdrop against which this culturally rich and dynamic music festival will take place. Various forms of…

Mukteswar Dance Festival 2017

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The Mukteswar Dance Festival will be held from the 14th to the 16th of January 2017 in the capital city of Bhubaneswar in the coastal Eastern Indian state of Odisha. The exquisite Mukteswar Temple in Bhubaneswar is the venue for this dance festival which celebrates Odissi – the classical dance form of Odisha and one of the most respected dance…


An Enchanting Engagement by the Sea

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Mayfair Heritage and Mayfair Waves were the stunning venues for the enchanting engagement between Sradha and Abhineet captured so well in this video. Both these alluring properties are located right next to each other in the popular and pretty beachside town of Puri. A lovely and warm traditional welcome is given to our guests from our side as soon as…


Christmas Celebrations in Goa

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Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety in the small but stunningly scenic coastal Indian state of Goa. Having come under Portuguese rule for no less than four and a half centuries till the second half of the twentieth century, the Portuguese influence in Goa is evident in the number of beautiful churches strewn across it and its overall…


Blissfully Secluded Beach Getaway: Gopalpur-On-Sea

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The charmingly named Gopalpur-on-Sea is a picturesque seaside town in a quiet part of the Indian coastal state of Odisha. Welcome to a peaceful serene life – delightful little streets, light sea breezes, a beautiful lighthouse and endless views of an amazing horizon where the sky meets the sea. In this exquisite setting is located the MAYFAIR Palm Beach Resort…


Visit Beautiful Chilka, Odisha

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The beautiful Chilka Lake is a large saltwater lagoon in the far eastern coastal reaches of Odisha. The lagoon is so vast that it is spread over three different districts of the state. It stands at the mouth of the Daya River and flows into the Bay of Bengal. Chilka Lake is one of the major tourist attractions near Gopalpur…


Spend Christmas in Bhubaneswar

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It is the season to be jolly! Christmas is just around the corner and as the joyful festive cheer fills the winter air, people celebrate this wonderful festival with great pomp and flair. Lights are put up all over and of course it cannot be Christmas without some cake! Mayfair Hotels & Resorts presents an amazing Christmas getaway offer at…


Mary Immaculate Conception Church Feast 2016

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This festive winter season in Goa, celebrate one of the most significant Christian festivals which is held worldwide on 8th December every year – the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Even in Goa, this feast will take place all over the beautiful coastal Indian state. Mary Immaculate Conception Church Feast will be held at one of the most iconic churches…


What to Eat in Gangtok

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Gangtok is an amazing place to explore some delicious and freshly prepared dishes. There is a little something for everyone here including for the more adventurous or for those with a normal palette. You do not want to leave Gangtok without trying their utterly delicious nettle soup, different kinds of homemade achaar and ethnic pork dishes. The nettle soup is…


International Sand Art Festival 2016

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The International Sand Art Festival will be held at the gorgeous Chandrabhaga Beach near the city of Konark in Odisha from the 1st of December to the 5th of December, 2016. This popular annual event is organized by Odisha Tourism. World renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik who travels far and wide to display his stunning sand sculptures would be the…


Konark Dance Festival 2016

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The wonderfully eclectic and culturally vibrant Konark Dance Festival is a dance festival held every year in December in Konark in the lovely state of Odisha. The festival will take place from 1st December to 5th December 2016 in the beautiful backdrop of the Sun Temple in Konark. The various elegant and rich Indian classical dance styles and traditions are…

Happy Valley Tea Garden

The Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

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The beautiful and charming tea gardens in and around Darjeeling are a remnant of the colonial past. They produce arguably the finest teas from anywhere in the world. The teas ranging from various variations of organic green tea to oolong tea. Many of the tea gardens are over a century old and still retain that old world charm that makes…


India Surf Festival This November

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The three day long India Surf Festival will be held at the splendid Ramachandi Beach in Odisha this November from the 12th onwards. The eclectic India Surf Festival includes an exciting bevy of events and performances that are not restricted to surfing alone. Ramachandi Beach is renowned to have some of the best waves in India with regards to surfing,…


Temples of Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is renowned as being the “City of Temples.” For long, it has been a hallowed pilgrimage site for myriad of devotees who throng here to visit some of the many temples that are located all across this culturally vibrant city. The temples are from various time periods and are characterised by superb architectural design and…


Wildlife Sanctuaries of Goa

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Goa is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna that you can immerse yourself in. The Western Ghats where Goa is nestled is known to be a vibrant biodiversity hotspot that is an ideal habitat for a wide medley of species. This rich tropical biodiversity blooming in the state includes everything from birds like kingfishers bulbuls to deciduous…

Narkasur Parades Festival in Goa

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Image Source: Google The festival of Diwali is celebrated all over India with great pomp and revelry. This Hindu festival of lights also happens to be one of the biggest festivals anywhere in the world. Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness with the festival being characterised by a great use of different kinds of displays of light including…

Making Memories with Memorable Destination Weddings

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To celebrate your special day, there is nothing more memorable than a romantic destination wedding in a beautiful setting. This would mean the making of unforgettable memories that can last long after your special day is over. The ambiance of being in a beautiful exotic location heightens the occasion itself, making it even more exceptional. MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts offers…


Bespoke Gift Hampers for Diwali

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The festival of lights, Diwali is just around the corner now. This splendid Indian festival celebrates the glorious victory of light over darkness and is characterised by households and entire localities being adorned with plentiful shining lights in the form of lamps, candles or fairy lights. It is a delightful time of celebration and all around revelry. It is a…

Quick Service Dining Mayfair

Quick Service Dining – Fun, Food & Joy with your Family and Friends at Arcade Area, Mayfair Lagoon Bhubaneswar

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Being true to its reputation for introducing innovative services for customers, Mayfair Lagoon has come up with a unique variant of service under the label of quick service dining. The idea emerged with the realization that customers seek quicker service and lesser downtime in their dining process. Working on extensive customer insights, we discovered a need for having a quicker…

East India Travel Awards 2016

Mayfair Hotels & Resorts Won the Prestigious DDP Award

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In recognition for excellence in hotel operations and hospitality management, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts has won the prestigious DDP award for being the best chain of hotels in eastern India. It is yet another jewel in the crown of Mayfair as it strives to set new standards of excellence. Our beach resort at Gopalpur-which is a heritage property of our…

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Places to Visit in Goa during Monsoon

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There are many places in Goa apart from its core attraction of beaches that could delight tourist if they ever visit those at the right time. Although of limited territorial expanse, the topography and contours of the land is characterized by amazing diversity. There are mountains and rivers, forests, beaches and backwaters that contour the land with beauty and serenity….

Corporate Events Setup

Mayfair Bhubaneswar – The Best Venue for Corporate Events

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With the expansion of Bhubaneswar, business activities in the city have grown exponentially. Many big corporate houses have opened their offices in the city and as a fallout- number of meetings, conference, functions and customer interactions have increased manifold. Not only companies having operations in the state, but many other organizations, companies, industry bodies and associations organize events periodically as…

The Best Caterer in Bhubaneswar for Birthday Parties

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Outdoor catering as a standalone service has seen exponential expansion in recent times. The growth in the catering services can be attributed to the changing life style of people and their higher disposable income. Time constraint and management of events with professional excellence are the other drivers for the growth of catering service in the city. There is a noticeable…

Monsoon in Odisha

Monsoon in Odisha

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Monsoon is eagerly awaited not only in Odisha, but everywhere in India as it gives refreshing relief from the scorching summer heat. Monsoon clouds not only usher in a cooler clime, but also carry the lightening of hope of millions of farmers. Odisha, being a predominantly agricultural state depends on monsoon for a better agricultural output. Odisha, being a land…

PM Program Paradeep
Raja Parba

Raja – The Most Important Festival of Odisha

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Odisha is a land of numerous festivals. Nature is revered and her blessings are celebrated in multiple ways in the state. Most festivals in the state have religious significance and have their own set of rituals. However there are also festivals that are secular in nature and are celebrated in reverence of nature and natural events. One such festival is…

Red Panda Sikkim

Top 5 Things to See in Gangtok

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Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is famous for its beautiful natural contours and cosmopolitan culture. Overlooked by the imposing Kanchunjanga, the city is a thriving Buddhists cultural center and base for trekking expedition for tourists. There are many things to do in Gangtok where a tourist can find alluring. Some of them are:- Ranka Monastery: Being one of the oldest…

Lemon Grass

Things to do in Darjeeling during Monsoon

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Darjeeling, the queen of hills dons the garb of an enchantress with the first touch of monsoon. Monsoon paints the curvy landscape of the Himalayan Township in the shades of its many moods. Although not frequented by tourist most during monsoons, those visitors who love a bit tranquility and want to see the romance of the mountain with the rains,…


Amazing Places in Sikkim to Visit in Monsoon

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Sikkim is one of the heavy rainfall receiving states during Monsoon in India. As mountains dominate the landscape of Sikkim, the sight of rain on the mountains affords a breathtaking view for the tourist. Monsoon has its own mystic charm which gets amplified on a mountain dominant landscape. There are many places in Sikkim, where a tourist can visit during…


Chilika Lake – Asia’s Largest Brackish Water Lagoon

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Often mentioned in famous literary works for its graceful splendor, Chilika lagoon is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for the visitors. Not only from India, but from across the globe, Chilika attracts tourists in droves. The vast expanse of Chilika evokes awe and fills mind of the tourists with wonder. The seemingly unending blue waters of the…

Baliharachandi Beach

Top Beaches in Odisha that a Tourist must to Visit

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With a vast coastline of 485 km dotted with many picturesque beaches, Odisha is one of the favorite places for tourists who love beach tourism. Although there are hot pick beaches like Puri and Goaplpur On Sea, there are many lesser known quaint and beautiful beaches that escape public attention. Rivalling those of the major beaches in their appeal for…


Top Things to Do in Gangtok

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Land of Sikkim is defined by the beauty of its landscape and the grand tall mountains. Lifestyle of people of the state is greatly influenced by its topography and the climate which has also shaped the culture of the land. Mountainous rivers, lakes and numerous monasteries make Sikkim one of the attractive tourist destinations in the country. Gangtok, the capital…


Best Places to See in Darjeeling

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Darjeeling, euphemistically called the queen of the Hills attracts tourists from around the globe for its hospitable climates and enchanting features. Reclusive Himalayan range flank the small town of Darjeeling providing visitors a majestic view of the grandeur of the hill town. There are many places in Darjeeling that tourist can find appealing. Whether it is for a lousy escape…


Top Things to Do in Goa

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The general perception of Goa being land of beaches and sunshine is deceptive as Goa abound with places having their unique attractions which offers variegated experiences to the tourists. Although the long beaches that curl along the Goa coast provide its characteristic identity, yet many other places are there which treats the guests with wonderful experiences. When it comes to…


Top Things to do in Similipal National Park, Odisha

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Odisha is one of the few states in the Country with an extensive forest cover and a rich diversity of wildlife. The wildlife ecosystem covers rivers, forests and wetlands providing habitation to a wide range of faunas. Elephant corridors, sanctuaries for tigers and crocodile, nestling avenue of turtles and a rendezvous with migratory birds – a wildlife enthusiast will find…

Sea View

Mayfair Waves, Puri has been classified as a 3 Star Hotel

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Mayfair Waves, our premium beach side property at Puri which has won wide acclaims for it services has added another feather in its cap. Recently it has been classified as a three star hotel on the recommendations of the Hotels & Restaurants Approval and classification Committee of the Ministry of Tourism. Since its inception Mayfair Waves has put thrust on…


Beach Hotels in India

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Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, one of the fastest growing luxury chain of hotels has craved a distinct presence in the hospitality arena of the country. Mayfair properties are distinguished by their unique charm, boutique features and an attention to aesthetics. Accent on greenery and adaptation of local themes lends Mayfair properties a different aura. Keeping in view, the growing popularity…

Nakli Showlay Food Festival at Nakli Dhaba, Bhubaneswar

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Mayfair Hotels and Resorts is organizing a thematic food festival titled “Show-Lay” at Nakli Dhaba, our restaurant specializing in North Indian cuisines. ‘Nakli Dhaba “ keeping with its brand proposition- offers a wide assortment of popular foods amid an environment that mimics popular road side eateries known for their spicy and tangy foods. This year we have adopted the theme…


Odisha as a Tourist Destination

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Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) is perhaps the only state in the country-that combines rich natural bounty with a colorful cultural heritage. The land abounds in places that attract tourists of all profiles. Having a glorious history and a culture evolved over time bearing the imprints of the rich lifestyle of the people, Odisha is a natural choice of tourists…


Sightseeing in Puri

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Puri, undoubtedly is the cynosure of all tourists when they think of making a trip to Odisha. Along with being a pilgrimage destination, Puri captivates tourists with its golden beaches and balmy climate. Apart from the holy city of Puri, there are many other tourist destinations that attract tourists for their scenic beauty, historical significance, architectural grandeur and ecological value….

History Behind Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Gopalpur-on-sea

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Gopalpur, named after the temple of Krishna Gopal was a small fishing village before it came into limelight. During colonial times- the Britishers established a port that served to transport good via sea to foreign countries. It was a thriving port during the time of Britishers when trade was carried out with other countries through the port. It is also…


Numerous Places in Goa that a Tourist can Visit

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Goa, lying in the Konkan region of the Western Ghats abounds in rich bio diversity and a boasts of an egalitarian culture. Lifestyle of the people in the tiny state is greatly influenced by the topography and the composite culture developed over centuries due to the cross fertilization of local and the Portuguese ways of life. Bestowed with moderate climate,…


Things to do in the Queen of Hills, Darjeeling

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Darjeeling, the queen of all hill stations and also the ‘Dream-land of the East’ is famous for its natural beauty, clean fresh air, balmy weather round the year – and above all her tea estates. Covering an area of 1,200 sq. miles and surrounded by the Himalayan peaks, it’s a fascinating place rich in natural beauty. Darjeeling is a tourist’s…

Konark Sun Temple

Things to do in Konark Sun Temple

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The Sun temple of Konark is one of the architectural wonders that bewitch the visitors with its sheer grandeur and aesthetic rendition of craftsmanship in stone. It is called poetry in stone for the fluid and intricate engravings in stone. Built in the form of chariot of Sun god pulled by seven prancing horses, the temple reflects the artistic excellence…

Mamma Mia
Rourkela Steel Plant

Things to do in Rourkela

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Rourkela- known as the steel city has a cosmopolitan culture to boast of. People from many states and faiths peacefully cohabit here and have flourished in their callings. The city has been chosen to be developed as a smart city in the state-the other one being Bhubaneswar. There are many places in and around Rourkela where a visitor to the…

Things to do in Gopalpur, Odisha

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Gopalpur on Sea, a tourist destination which has caught the fancy of tourists of late for its tranquil sea beaches, supine sand dunes, sleepy lagoons, water sports facilities and hustle free ambience is one of the most visited beach of the country. The beauty of the small beach city mostly accentuated by its clam and serene shoreline is also delineated…

Things to do in Goa

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Goa being one of the highly frequented tourist sites in India is a place where the visitors are spoiled with options of recreation and merrymaking. Out of myriad activities that a tourist can engage himself with, a few are mentioned below. Goa is euphemistically called as the land of the sea and the sun. That makes activities around the sea…


Bhubaneswar the Temple City of India

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Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha is fast developing a cosmopolitan culture. Recently the city shot into limelight when it topped the smart city challenge race organized by Union Ministry of urban development. There are very few cities that blend the historic glory, cultural heritage with modern city development seamlessly as Bhubaneswar has. The city has evolved into a centre…


Why Goa is an Amazing Holiday Destination in India

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Goa is a land of amazing diversities and contrasts. Within its small territory exists a confluence of different cultures, living style, customs and social systems. Along with its natural gifts, Goa has been a theatre of intermingling of numerous strands of cultures which has also shaped the unique lifestyle of people. Goa has something to offer to tourists of all…


Plan Your Winter Vacation to Gangtok

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Sikkim is a land of beautiful contours, rugged mountains, deep valleys and dense forests. Combined with raging rivers, lakes and waterfalls, the landscape of Sikkim appears as a beautiful work of art. Floating high over the cloud-covered lower Himalaya, Mt. Khangchendzonga dominates the landscape of Sikkim. With its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, facility for adventure sports and pilgrim sites,…


Top 5 things to do in Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar is a historical city that has been one of the centers of cultural excellence. The temple city, named thus for being the home of a large number of temples built during different periods of history is one of the major tourist attractions in the state. There are many sights that a tourist could visit, but the top 5 things…

gingerbread house

A Unique Christmas Experience – Tailored for you

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Come & Celebrate Christmas at the Mayfair Bakery & Confectionary Christmas Week 24th until 31st – December Enjoy the legendary evening tea on a very special occasion of Christmas week accompanied by the Carol singers on the Xmas eve, Ginger Hut, Santa Claus, Magician & much more to remember on the start of the new era. Hi-Tea Child @ Rs…

Christmas-n-New Year Vacation Package-Mayfair-Hotels
Diwali Gift Hampers
MAYFAIR Darjeeling_Balcony
MAYFAIR Rourkela
Mayfair, best of India luxury hotels

Mayfair, best of India luxury hotels

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Mayfair group of hotels and resorts limited is one of the most established institutions in the northern hemisphere of India. Well established in four of the most tourist centric states of India, this luxury hotel is an amalgam of affable hospitality, regal accommodations, welcoming ambience and a connoisseur’s delight of multi cuisine feasts. We offer star class services which include…

Mayfair Rourkela Hotel
Mayfair Hideaway Spa resort
mayfair gopalpur
business conference MAYFAIR

Mayfair Convention, major hub of business conference in India

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The Mayfair Convention of Bhubaneswar is highly regarded for its event managements be it formal, informal, business or corporate. The hotel has its own dedicated staffs that have been trained on event managements. There are special sections in the hotel that has been constructed and meticulously planned keeping in mind events and business meetings that are regularly held here. These…