Perfect Beachside Wedding Destinations

For that perfect wedding day, there is nothing quite like celebrating your special day at the beach right by the majestic Indian Ocean with all your loved ones present. MAYFAIR Waves and MAYFAIR Heritage in Puri as well as MAYFAIR Palm Beach Resort in Gopalpur-on-Sea are all stunning destination wedding venues located right on the beach in spectacular locations in Odisha.

Beachside Wedding Destinations Odisha

MAYFAIR Waves and MAYFAIR Heritage are both luxurious beachfront properties in the sacred pilgrimage town of Puri. Both the hotels which are located to each other have amazing alfresco areas which can be designed according to the liking of the guests with lawns looking out to the sea and beautiful swimming pool areas. There are also indoor banquet spaces which can be utilised by the wedding planners and incorporated in the wedding.

In the sleepy fishing hamlet of Gopalpur-on-Sea lies the gorgeous MAYFAIR Palm Beach Resort which has its own private stretch of sand looking out onto the Bay of Bengal. The well manicured lawns are also beautiful and there is indoor event venue space as well which can be used with the whole place being marvellously decked out to bring you the perfect beachside destination wedding venue.