Quick Service Dining – Fun, Food & Joy with your Family and Friends at Arcade Area, Mayfair Lagoon Bhubaneswar

Being true to its reputation for introducing innovative services for customers, Mayfair Lagoon has come up with a unique variant of service under the label of quick service dining. The idea emerged with the realization that customers seek quicker service and lesser downtime in their dining process. Working on extensive customer insights, we discovered a need for having a quicker service module to cater to the shifting dining habits of the customers. The idea is to blend substance with swiftness to satisfy the guests.
Fun at Arcade Area

Operating from the arcade area in front of Our Restaurant ‘Mamma Mia, Cafe’, Our QSR module serves a wide array of foods across cuisines and categories. Customers are offered to choose from a wide gamut of food items to pamper their taste bud. The environment is designed to give a soothing feel to the guests who can unwind amidst relaxing music and warm hospitality.
Quick Service Dining

Whether one is a vegetarian or drools on non- veg foods, the option is modestly broad. One can have salads and soups- or coffees and milkshakes in one’s choicest flavor. For those who are voracious snackers, we have a titillating range of items to tickle the taste bud.

The salads-whether it is the masculine & citrus salad or the Cheese, lettuce, tomato salad- packs freshness and energy that charges up one instantly.

Vegetarians can have the munchy steam corn to bide time away or else or can have paneer kathi roll as an instant hunger buster. For those who need food, a little more solid and stuffier, there is pizza vegetarian and Moroccan Rice bowl with vegetables to choose from. The Shanghai vegetable spring roll with sweet chili sauce can satiate those who love a tangy and spicy touch to their food. One can also have ciabatta sandwich veg which has a unique taste liked by foodies.

There are more varieties for the non-veg diners and they will be spoilt for choices on offer for them. Whether it is the scrumptious mutton chups with green chutney or the African spice chicken tikka wrap, care is taken to provide the best taste to the guests with judicious use of spices and other ingredients. One can also choose from Shawarma chicken, Ciabatta sandwich non-veg, Moroccan rice bowl with chicken , Pizza non-veg and chicken kathi roll in accordance with one’s choice and taste.

The food is served in seven minutes and those who want to take away can choose to do so- for whom we will thermo- package it which will preserve warmth and freshness.

Quick Service Dining Mayfair
Our tryst with the new concept in dining is providing unique experience to our guests whose footfall has increased substantially in recent days.