Rourkela Steel Plant – Know about the Speciality of Rourkela and Mayfair Hotel

Set up with a German collaboration, the Rourkela Steel plant is the first integrated steel plant of India in the public sector. Built during the 1960’s the steel plant was installed with an output of 1 million tonnes which was later boosted to give nearly 2 million tonnes, this steel plant has many feathers to its cap. The steel plant is mainly famed for being the first plant to adopt energy-efficient LD process of steel by using continous casting route which is not only quality centric but also cost-effective. It also has adopted the external desulphurisation of hot metal by calcium carbide injection process. The plant was brought unto speed in the mid 1990’s and is the only plant that can produce silicon steels for power sector, high quality pipes for the oil and gas sector and tin plates for packaging industries.


It is due to this steel plant Rourkela has grown over the years from a sleepy town to a large and growing business hub. Businesses such as the hospitality industry have also been growing and among the best hospitality providers the Mayfair group of hotels is one of them. With a quiet and tranquil atmosphere amidst the bustling environment of the daily life, Mayfair is indeed an island of relaxation we all need in our lives.


Tourism has also grown alongside as most people and study groups come to visit the Rourkela Steel Plant. Whatever is your purpose of visit business, study or pleasure Mayfair tends treat to you with the discreteness you like. Well equipped with the latest state of the art technological conveniences and royal accommodation with world class services this hotel is indeed an oasis of lavish comfort. So next time you visit and need a luxury splurge, royal pampering holiday Mayfair Rourkela is the place to be.