Sightseeing in Puri

Puri, undoubtedly is the cynosure of all tourists when they think of making a trip to Odisha. Along with being a pilgrimage destination, Puri captivates tourists with its golden beaches and balmy climate. Apart from the holy city of Puri, there are many other tourist destinations that attract tourists for their scenic beauty, historical significance, architectural grandeur and ecological value.

Chilika Lake
Chilika, the largest brackish water lagoon of Asia invariably attracts tourists for its unique ecology. It is one of the important wetlands where the tourists can have a spectacular view of avian splendor. It showcases amazing biodiversity- and many rare and endangered species are found in the eco system of Chilika. Multi-hued birds landing on the lake- and tiny islands in it- offer a wonderful view to bird enthusiasts. Dotted by many islands, a boat ride in Chilika invariably takes tourists to these places- where they could be hold the beauty of the lagoon as well as a phenomenal variety of birds. Birds from distant lands alight in the winter and nest in the reed islands. Chilika turns an enchantress with as many as 160 species of birds from different parts of the world painting the canvas with multi colored hues.

Kalijai Temple Chilika
One important attraction of Chilika is Kalijai temple which is located on an island in the lake. The deity is worshipped by the locals and is celebrated in the folklores and fables. The Nalabana Island is a bird sanctuary where nearly 5 lakh birds could be spotted in the peak season.

Satpada, bound by the lagoon on three sides is another tourist’s destination. It offers an excellent view of the lake and attracts tourists to its long stretch of sand bar. Irrawadi dolphins could be spotted off the islands which is a major attraction for the tourists.

Honeymoon Island is one of the major islands of Chilika situated along with Rambha Bay near Sankuda Island. The island is dotted by numerous trees and plants all around- and is an excellent place for tourists to unwind.
Nirmaljhara Island is one of the popular islands in the brackish water Lagoon. The island is renowned for shrine of Lord Vishnu and a water stream, known as Nirmaljhara. This stream flows out from an image of Lord Vishnu established at the site.

Situated on the northern part of Chilika Mangalajodi is another popular tourist destination near Chilika which is a habitat of rare species of birds. It attracts bird lovers in large numbers during all seasons. It offers excellent photography opportunities to the tourists.

Tara Tarini temple, lying on the banks of river Rushikulya and perched atop Kumari hill -is a must see for tourists- who have gone as far as Chilika. The temple is of great religious significance for the people and the natural beauty of the place captivates the tourists.

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