The Best Places to Visit in Puri

The lovely seaside town of Puri in Odisha attracts throngs of visitors who come not just for a pilgrimage visit but also visit because of the coastal beauty of this town and its many different attractions. Some of the best places in Puri which travellers can visit are give below:

Puri Beach: The vastly popular Puri Beach is a must visit and afford some fantastic sunrises and sunsets over the glorious Bay of Bengal. Shopping for trinkets, sunbathing or going for a dip in the ocean are all options here.

The top 10 tourist places in Odisha
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Jagannath Temple: No visit to Puri would be complete without making a pilgrimage to the world renowned Shree Jagannath Temple which is a major destination for Hindus and is a part of the “Char Dham” pilgrimages.


Chilka Lake: One of the most beautiful of places to visit near Puri is Chilka Lake which is a sprawling lagoon well known as a picnic spot and also great for some bird watching, water sports and fishing.


Sun Temple: The Sun Temple of Konark is a UNESCO World Heritage site known all over the world for its fantastic architecture.

Konark Sun Temple
Konark Sun Temple

Pipili: The charming little town of Pipili is famous for colourful and very unique Applique handicrafts.