The Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

Happy Valley Tea Garden
The beautiful and charming tea gardens in and around Darjeeling are a remnant of the colonial past. They produce arguably the finest teas from anywhere in the world. The teas ranging from various variations of organic green tea to oolong tea. Many of the tea gardens are over a century old and still retain that old world charm that makes it so endearing for those who do get to visit them. When you visit the tea gardens, it is a sheer delight to take in the views of rolling hills filled with lush green tea leaves.

When you stay with us at Mayfair Darjeeling, we offer thoughtfully curated travel itineraries specific to Darjeeling that can give you an enchanting glimpse into the tea gardens around the area. Sampling sessions of some of the finest teas in the world are organised at Mayfair Darjeeling within some of these itineraries. You can take in the fascinating tea processing process at a tea estate itself as Mayfair Darjeeling also organizes a visit to a nearby tea estate.

Where to Stay
Mayfair Darjeeling (A lovely resort perched on a picturesque hill in Darjeeling and offering luxury accommodation and elegant surroundings)