Things to do in Goa

Goa being one of the highly frequented tourist sites in India is a place where the visitors are spoiled with options of recreation and merrymaking. Out of myriad activities that a tourist can engage himself with, a few are mentioned below.

Goa is euphemistically called as the land of the sea and the sun. That makes activities around the sea beach a default choice for the visitors. The beaches of Goa are ideally suited for water sports wind surfing, waterskiing, parasailing, scuba diving and swimming. An enthusiast of water sports can engage in these activities during the innumerable water sporting events.

The geography of Goa and its soil is ideal for spice cultivation. There are many spice plantation areas in Goa that a tourist can visit. A visit to the spice villages and farms gives a deep insight into the ways spice is grown. The aromatic and refreshing ambience in the gardens provides a soothing experience.

The butterfly conservatory in Ponda, Goa is a beautiful place that delights the tourists and provides him a pleasant experience. 133 species of butterflies can be spotted at there. The ambience is refreshing and you will feel closer to nature. Beautiful butterflies in a myriad shades can be seen fluttering about adding to its beauty and serenity. A visit to the place lightens and refreshes ones mood.

For seekers of offbeat experiences, there is the temple of Tambdi Surla which can be approached through an adventurous trek. One can explore gusting waterfalls or take a bath in the stream along the temple .The temple there provides a flashback to the life and times of the 12th century when the temple was built. It ignites one’s interest to know the history of the place.

Houseboat tour in the backwaters of Goa is another thrilling experience for the tourists. The houseboats have vast open rooms, gorgeous sit outs and experienced culinary specialists on board who hand out some phenomenal specialties. One can have a glimpse of the activities of fishermen and locals around the backwaters in the daytime from the comfort of the waterbuses and immerse himself in the musical environment in the night with good wine and delectable Goan dishes.