Things to do in Gopalpur, Odisha

Gopalpur on Sea, a tourist destination which has caught the fancy of tourists of late for its tranquil sea beaches, supine sand dunes, sleepy lagoons, water sports facilities and hustle free ambience is one of the most visited beach of the country. The beauty of the small beach city mostly accentuated by its clam and serene shoreline is also delineated further by the greenery of the place. The tall palm trees majestically standing along the coast whispers the voice of the breeze to the tourist as they enjoy a sunset at the beach. Gopalpur on Sea is ideal for tourists who like a break away from the buzz and hustle of the city life.

There are many places in and around Gopalpur which a tourist might find worth visiting. The old jetty that stands witness to the glorious marine trade of the old city is a must see site for tourists. Lying in ruins, the jetty take you back in time to the halcyon days when the traders of this part of the world carried their wares to the distant Far East.

Gopalpur Light House
The light house on the beach is one more attraction that throws light on the romantic maritime days of the past. Although in ruins, it evokes awe for the tourists for its historic significance. A climb up the light house offers a splendid view of the bay.

Dhabaleswar Temple
Those who visit Gopalpur, invariably visit Dhabaleswar, 20 kms away from the resort town. Dotted with numerous palm trees, its calm and serene ambience pacifies the spirit .Those having an interest in photography- will find the landscape ideal for perfect photoshoots.

One more irresistible place near Gopalpur is Taptapani, literally meaning Hot waters. Situated 67 km off Gopalpur, the picturesque village attracts tourists for the spring- water of which is said to be containing medicinal properties. Winter is the best time to visit the place.

Mahurikalua Berhampur
Another beautiful spot easily accessible from Gopalpur is Mahuri Kalua It is near a mountain with two temples one of which is perched atop the mountain and is accessible through a route in a cave. Another temple lies on the lap of the mountain surrounded by a lush green forest.

A trip to Gopalpur accompanied by a visit to these places offers a rejuvenating experience to the tourists and provides them a redemptive experience.