Things to do in Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple
The Sun temple of Konark is one of the architectural wonders that bewitch the visitors with its sheer grandeur and aesthetic rendition of craftsmanship in stone. It is called poetry in stone for the fluid and intricate engravings in stone. Built in the form of chariot of Sun god pulled by seven prancing horses, the temple reflects the artistic excellence of the sculptors and architects of the period it was built. Its majestic bearing inspires awe and enamors tourists from worldwide who get an immersive experience of culture and society of the ancient Kalinga.

Chandrabhaga Beach
Apart from the Sun temple there are many other sites at Konark which attracts the attention of the visitors. The beach at Chandrabhaga, lying close to the temple is one such place. Relatively unperturbed, viewing sun rise and sunset here is a sense soothing experience. An evening at the beach rejuvenates the spirit and pacifies the mind.

Ramchandi Temple Konark
Ramchandi Temple, located 7 KM from Konark on the marine drive is invariably visited by tourists who come to see Konark. It is a place of deep religious significance as it is one of the prominent Shakti Peeths of Puri. Situated on the mouth of river Kushbhadra and overlooking the Bay of Bengal, its serene and green ambience makes it a perfect picnic spot and a photographic delight.

ASI Museum Konark
The ASI Museum at Konark is another attraction for the visitors of Konark. The museum showcases reconstructed sculptures and friezes of the temple. The artifacts associated with the temple and the collection of items provides a deep insight into the history of the temple. One can get intricate details about the temple architecture and sculptures from the records and displays of the museum. A visit to the museum provides a complete understanding of the temple and its architecture.

Konark Natya Mandir
Kuruma is another site that a tourist can travel while at Konark. Located at a distance of 8 km from Konark temple, it is a Buddhist archaeological excavation site. It is mentioned in several Buddhist texts from Asoka and Ceylon and also appears in the writings of the Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang. The origin of the site is dated to be between 8th-9th century AD and is a must visit for everyone who likes to explore the history of India.

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