Traditional Cake Mixing Ceremony at MAYFAIR Lagoon

As is the tradition at MAYFAIR Lagoon, every year we try to usher in the festive season by having a thrilling and exciting Cake Mixing ceremony which really helps to bring about a sense of merriment and jollity in the air. This year was no different as a grand as well as charming Traditional Cake Mixing Ceremony was organised with full aplomb by MAYFAIR Lagoon. This merry event was held this year in MAYFAIR Lagoon at ‘Orchid.’

This fun event of Cake Mixing Ceremony was attended happily by both our esteemed guests as well as enthusiastic members of Team MAYFAIR. Not only did this create an aura of joy in the air but also really helped the guests to bond with our staff members. The process begins with a mixing of chopped up pieces of delicious dried fruits, nuts and spices along with a selection of premium liquors. The entire mixture is then stored for around 30 days allowing the flavours to permeate through each other and the mixture is then used to make Christmas cakes and puddings. It was truly the best possible way to usher in the coming festive season.